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Stocks to buy in April 2015

March 2015 was a month which brought in losses. If you bought stocks I selected as a buy in March, you would be losing -5.32% for the month. The reason for losses is energy stocks as mostly they continued in a sell off during the month. However, I expect these stocks to go up at Continue reading →

Stocks to buy in March 2015

February finished fast and it is time to choose new stocks to buy for the next month. If you purchased my stocks at the beginning of February, your portfolio would be 4.58% up today. It could have been better but the stocks, mainly the energy stocks, fell down during the second half of the month. Continue reading →

Stocks to buy in February 2015

If you bought the stocks I recommended at the beginning of January 2015 and held them until now, you would be up 2.0%. After the volatile and wild month we just went thru, full of wild ups and downs I can’t believe, the stocks I selected for January ended up 20%. Although it wasn’t an Continue reading →