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Posted by MartZee April 13, 2010

DeVry (DV) regains its strength

DeVry (DV) regains its strength

DeVry (DV) gapped up today on the positive news. It is confirming its volatile attitude and strong growth type of stock. The strong uptrend remains intact driven up by institutional money and positive outlook of educational stocks although with some caution and good stop management in place. Today all educational companies rose after improved rating Continue reading →

Stryker Corporation (SYK)

Stryker Corporation  (SYK)

Stryker Corporation (SYK) is once again on my buy list with a target price at $70 per share. I reviewed the trend of the stock and the only thing which I do not like so far is that the stock was growing in price on drying volume. So I decided to watch this stock for Continue reading →

Picks 01/25 – 01/29

Trading Account: New [tag]stock picks[/tag] this week: Stocks bought or added to portfolio this week: none Stocks dropped from portfolio this week: Rackspace Hosting, Inc (RAX) Stryker Corp. (SYK) Existing & new [tag]holdings[/tag]: Contribution this week: $0 Current [tag]capital exposure[/tag]: 0.0%      New positions available to open: 0      Starting [tag]account value[/tag] = $1,996.76 Account value = Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee January 27, 2010

SYK slid -4.56% in the morning and was sold on stop loss

Stryker Corp. (SYK) hit my stop loss order at the opening and has been sold: 01/27/2010    09:35:05    Sold  15  SYK  @  53.3806 The stock continued sliding significantly down. By now I am 100% cash waiting for the market to recover from the correction. I will also work on adjusting my trading rules to avoid loses such as this month. I again Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee January 15, 2010

SYK added to portfolio

Today I added Stryker Corp (SYK): 01/15/2010    09:30:17    Bought  15  SYK  @  55.98