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Archive for November, 2009

RINO added to portfolio, JADE sold

I decided to get rid of JADE, which doesn’t fit to my trading strategy. As I mentioned earlier, this purchase was a deviation from my rules. This is the reason why every investor or trader needs to remind his rules as long as he remembers them. 11/30/2009    15:36:47    Sold  34  JADE  @  3.0805 I also added 3 shares of RINO to Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 25, 2009

Review your portfolio and get rid of junk

When I realized recently how much I was ignoring my trading rules I used those last couple days working on getting back on track. I learned again, how important it is to have rules and follow them no matter what. Of course, you still can be working on improving or modifying those rules to fit Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 24, 2009

ORS sold

It seems, somebody was lucky today morning when I decided to sell ORS. I was sold first thing in the morning: 11/24/2009    09:30:24   Sold  67  ORS  @  0.78 Since then, the price was falling like a rock, because ORS filed worse than expected 3rd Q results. The outlook is not bright as well, even though it was packed into nice words. Continue reading →

ORS removed from portfolio

I decided to sell Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc.(ORS). This stock appears to me as a complete junk. It doesn’t fit almost none of my criteria, it doesn’t trend and I do not want to block my money on something like this. The truth is, I just picked up this stock in euphoria of making money Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 23, 2009

CTL added to portfolio

Today I bought CenturyTel, Inc. (CTL): 11/23/2009    09:30:21   Bought  9  CTL  @  36.09 My portfolio is now invested, so no more positions can be opened.

CenturyTel CTL as a core of the portfolio

CenturyTel CTL as a core of the portfolio

The whole Sunday I spent rereading and polishing my stock pick strategy. Recently I deviated from several rules I originally used. I thought I already remembered them all or I could outsmart the market again. What a costly thinking! This time I, however, wrote them all down on the paper and created a checklist in Continue reading →

STEC in consolidation

STEC in consolidation

In my weekly Picks History post I mentioned STEC showing a reversal sign. Although I am losing my interest in this stock, because it doesn’t meet my picks criteria any more, I am just curious how the stock will develop and I may consider a small position as a swing trade based purely on technical Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 17, 2009

Netezza (NZ) added to portfolio

I decided to buy Netezza (NZ) this morning: 11/17/2009    09:30:16   Bought  10  NZ  @  11.12