Posted by Martin November 05, 2008

Is Dow heading to 4000 points?

Is Dow heading to 4000 points?

Today I have read Jon Markman’s commentary on a crisis. In his paragraph “A Credit crater too big to fill?” he writes that Dow Jones can easily sink down to 4000 points level, because of the weak economy which can not be fixed by election itself. Wow. Is he serious? He provides calculations why he Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 04, 2008

King is dead! God save the King!

Pre-election rally which has started last Tuesday brought impressive gains today: Dow +305.45 +3.28% 9,625.28 Nasdaq +53.79 +3.12% 1,780.12 S&P +39.45 +4.08% 1,005.75 However some leading stocks declined today (AFAM is among those stocks) and this makes this rally a bit weak. Will it survive or is it just another attempt to fail? Tomorrow we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 02, 2008

Are we at the bottom?

It seems like the market is bottoming. Even an unexperienced investor can feel that there is a resistance line and the market is not willing to go down any more. It can be misleading however. Take a look at the chart showing  recent moves in the stock market. The first red resistance line was what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 18, 2008

Market like a crazy cow

If an investor sits in cash during this period it may be funny for him watching this volatile market bouncing up and down like the squirrel in Ice Age: The melt down. This morning the market went down almost another 250 points and at the end it surged up to end up 410 points on Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 15, 2008

LEH in bankruptcy…

So here we are. The 158 years old company is filling for bankruptcy (Yahoo! news, Associated Press). The next morning in the stock market and probably the entire week will be very shaky so we can expect some stormy trading. Monday trading may be very deep sell off. However I agree with this even though Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 04, 2008

Market 09/02 – 09/05

Market 09/02 - 09/05

The market’s rally is definitely over. Steep drop more than 2% on high volume ended this rally attempt. See the chart bellow. The only thing I can do these days is to wait. I am not going to sell my positions unless they hit my stop loss level. Some stocks lost ground such as AFAM. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 31, 2008

Market 08/25 – 08/29

Market 08/25 - 08/29

This weeks’ market behavior was little shaky and volatile, in weekly terms it went sideways. However I could see one positive point in the last August week trading. Even though on Friday the market dropped very significantly (Dow -171.63; -1.47%; 11,543.55; Nasdaq -44.12; -1.83%; 2,367.52; S&P -17.85; -1.37%; 1,282.83) the end of the week shows Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 22, 2008

Market 08/18 – 08/22

Market 08/18 - 08/22

The rest of the week the market went sideways while volume was dropping. Friday ran up, but on low volume. No big deal. Wednesday: The market continued in a downtrend, even though it ended with a gain it is on the edge of a downtrend. The volume eased however, which would be a good sign. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 17, 2008

Market 08/11 – 08/15

Market 08/11 - 08/15

The market remains in rally, however its 50 day MA remains still below 200 MA. Do not open new trades. It is one of the rules which I have broken again two weeks ago. The rally still may fail. These two coming weeks will show if the market would have enough power to break higher. Continue reading →