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Posted by Mark Pokorny November 30, 2017

How Do I Bounce Back from a Foreclosure Threat?

How Do I Bounce Back from a Foreclosure Threat?

If you were recently on the brink of foreclosure or if you are facing this possibility today, you understandably want to take necessary steps to secure your personal financial health. Your goals may be to protect your assets and to hopefully stay in your home. In some cases, homeowners can accomplish all of these goals, Continue reading →

Posted by Mark Pokorny September 20, 2017

NEVER Cash Out Retirement! (Unless…)

NEVER Cash Out Retirement! (Unless...)

If you must deal with burdensome debt or a financial crisis, a reserve of ready cash may seem like the perfect solution. In fact, financial experts suggest that you set aside three to three-to-six month’s income as an emergency fund, or you may be tempted to tap your retirement account for cash to cover an Continue reading →