Posted by Martin September 22, 2011

Saga continues

The market dropped to my re-entry buy point and I re-entered SPY put position. The market may continue down, or close the gap. I think it will continue down. If I am wrong I will get out of this position quickly. If you wish to track my trading, check the “Recent buys & sells” in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 22, 2011

Update on market – more profit taking this morning

It is nice to be correct. The market was poised to a bearish trend and it sure did. In just two sessions we saw big sell offs. I was thinking what would push the market that down? Was it FED? I doubt this would be the only reason. There are a few items I could Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 22, 2011

Profit taking again – another $1000 gain at opening

OK, the market opened sharply lower as expected and I decided to take some profits. I noticed that when SPY opens lower with gap, it has a tendency to close that gap during the day. If I am correct, SPY will go up today and close around 116 level, where I will re-enter my put Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 21, 2011

FED disappoints and the market is poised to fall

Today, the market dropped hard at the very end of the session reacting on FED’s disappointing announcement. Another news which helped markets to tank was a Moody’s downgrade of financial institutions such as Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. I think this downgrade was a lot more significant then FED’s announcement. I do not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 13, 2011

Stocks ended higher on a choppy day

Like on a swing the stock traded up & down and they ended higher for a second day in a row. Also volume was rising at the end of the trading session. Are we heading back up to $120 level (SPY)? When browsing internet for the news, I am reading that we are not out Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 13, 2011

Up – down – up – down, get used to a choppy trading

Boy, I am glad I decided to close my puts yesterday. Today’s trading, so far, is clearly indicating one thing – indecisiveness. At this choppy trading I will stay out (keeping my already open positions). I need more days to see where the market will go. That’s a part of being patient, which I have Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 12, 2011

Market on a roller coaster

Market on a roller coaster

Interesting trading these days! I entered some bearish trades last week on Thursday by buying puts on SPY and XLE, when both equities were showing weakness and unwillingness to continue going higher. I collected some nice profits on this three day downtrend ($248.5 on XLE and $254.5 on SPY), total profit of $503 within a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 02, 2011

Profit taking…

As I mentioned this morning (and yesterday) that I would consider some profit taking. Since the market gaped down quite deeply I decided to close my puts position on SPY and take nice $174 profit per contract. I also closed my bear put spread on IBM and collected around $100 profit. Actually $80 after commissions. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 19, 2009

Stock options results – January 2009

A month ago I started [tag]investing[/tag] into [tag]stock options[/tag] using the most [tag]basic strategy[/tag] called “[tag]Covered call[/tag]s”. The reason I started learning this strategy was to [tag]protect my investments[/tag] and create a steady monthly [tag]income[/tag]. However, prior investing the real [tag]money[/tag] I opened a [tag]virtual account[/tag] at CBOE for learning purposes. I wanted to try Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 17, 2008

Stock Options review

On Monday, December 15, 2008 I filled my first [tag]stock option[/tag] [tag]covered call[/tag] trade. However it was very confusing for me and when I reviewed it I didn’t understand what I was doing. The [tag]account[/tag] results were confusing and I couldn’t see how I am supposed to [tag]make money[/tag] by covered calls. This table was Continue reading →