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Posted by Martin November 21, 2013

Why FED may never taper

I am a fan of Peter Schiff. I watched almost all his videos and commentaries and his language and style is very close to me. His arguments are very logic and make sense. Peter Schiff predicted the housing bubble and credit crisis since 2006 and everything what he said about what would come to us Continue reading →

New trade – Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) – building my ROTH

New trade - Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) - building my ROTH

Here is my first trade under a new direction or goal (which was supposed to start next year, but due to completing my previous earlier I could start a new one earlier too). I am excited to be able fully focus on my ROTH IRA investments right now as my last year’s goal has been Continue reading →

Trade adjustment – Demand Media (DMD) – covered call

The last Friday my covered call against Demand Media (DMD) expired worthless. That left me with an uncovered stock. I reviewed the stock and the entire trade and decided to exit the trade via a covered call trade. Selling covered calls against this stock is almost impossible due to a significant price drop of the Continue reading →

How to buy stocks cheap in today’s expensive market

How to buy stocks cheap in today's expensive market

If you are a dividend growth investor investing into dividend growth stocks, you may have noticed that the market is somewhat overpriced. You can read on many blogs complaints from dividend investors that it is very difficult to find fairly valued or undervalued stocks today. I agree, that some stocks of my interest are expensive Continue reading →

New trade – SWY & GLW put selling

New trade - SWY & GLW put selling

As I announced on Twitter and Facebook page on Friday I planned opening new options trades on my favorite stocks – Safeway and Corning Int. (GLW). Both companies pay dividends, have grown them for several years and I am OK owning the stocks in case I get exercised. That’s the beauty of put selling strategy Continue reading →

Do you want to know to which stocks billionaires invest?

If you are interested in knowing to which stocks billionaires invest, now you have a chance. NYSE introduced a new index – iBillionaire (BILLION). The index tracks a group of filthy wealthy men and women and it basically polls them into which stocks they invest. They do not ask them directly of course, but monitor Continue reading →

Expiration Friday tomorrow – collecting gains and creating a ladder

Expiration Friday tomorrow - collecting gains and creating a ladder

Tomorrow is expiration Friday. My favorite day. Tomorrow I will officially collect my gains. Although I collected them physically a few months ago when I opened my options trades, those gains were still in jeopardy of being wiped out. Tomorrow those gains will be mine forever.     (MORE: Options Assignment – Southern Company (SO)) Continue reading →

How to trade stocks in Australia?

If you live in Australia you may have noticed that the Australian stocks market ASX has experienced quite substantial growth in the last decade. The first 8 years the Australian market boomed like no other market. This boom sparked attention of many investors who attempted to start their own investing. Why people invest in the Continue reading →

Market inflated artificially by FED and how to defend your portfolio

Today the stock market proved to be artificially inflated by FEDs policy. It was apparent how weird it works when the central bank influences market and economy and how dangerous such interventions can be to the free market. It looks like we no longer enjoy the free market and although I tend to say there Continue reading →

Why I will no longer invest in Lending Club

Every great story will end one day. This is the case of my investments in Lending Club. Yes I am closing my account (or significantly reducing my exposure) with Lending Club and moving all available cash to equities. The reason? Recent changes in trading platform which now prevent me from effectively manage and protect my Continue reading →