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Archive for November, 2013

New trade – Monthly Dividend Income Motif purchase (Motif Investing)

Today I opened a new trade. I bought a motif I created some time ago – Monthly Dividend Income Motif. The intent of this motif is to deliver high dividend yield every month and reinvest it. I believe I will be able to grow my account faster by strengthening and promoting monthly compounding power of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

U.S. equity, options and futures markets will be closed on Thursday, November 28, 2013 and will close early on Friday, November 29, 2013. This is in observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Why Motif Investing is a revolutionary trading platform since ETF invention

  Pay attention to the reporter’s question in the video: I want to get an understanding, who do you think is going to buy into this? Hardeep: So far we’ve got ultra-high net worth investors buying into this, we’ve got newbie investors, we’ve got money managers, a lot of financial advisors are using us right Continue reading →

Happy Thanksgiving Day – buying free with Motif Investing

If you happened to open an account with Motif Investing you probably received an appreciation letter these days from the management offering free trading and Motif rebalancing for your account on Black Friday. It is a very nice incentive from the company. Although my account is still miniscule I will take advantage of this offer Continue reading →

How to trade stocks in Germany

This is a guest post by Michael from Dividenden-Sammler who lives in Germany. When I wrote my post about investing in Australia I thought I might ask other investors around the world if they can share their story and the way of investing in their country. From their stories we can learn what trading opportunities Continue reading →

New trade – Kinder Morgan Partenrship (KMP) – initial position – building my ROTH

New trade - Kinder Morgan Partenrship (KMP) - initial position - building my ROTH

Today, I added a new stock position to my ROTH portfolio. The added company is Kinder Morgan Partnership. I have this stock in my taxable account as well, but I wanted to have this stock in my ROTH too. Therefore I opened a new position. This trade is the last trade adding a new stock. Continue reading →

My Lending Club account liquidated

Today I finished liquidation of my Lending Club portfolio. I decided to keep 500 dollars in the account and just reinvest the proceeds. I will keep the account totally passive. I will not be adding more cash and withdrawing any cash until retirement. At this moment I am playing with other people’s money. I received Continue reading →

New trade & adjustment – AGNC, PSEC & VNR long stock – building my ROTH

New trade & adjustment - AGNC, PSEC & VNR long stock - building my ROTH

Today I maxed out my contributions to my ROTH IRA account! I am quite excited about it. Now, I will continue contributing to my regular taxable account until the end of the year. When the new year 2014 starts I will resume contributing to my ROTH IRA as long as I max it out again. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 22, 2013

While the Fed Talks Taper, China Prepares to Actually Do It!

Yet another great report by Peter Schiff why FED is just smoking about tapering!

Trade adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition – building my ROTH

Trade adjustment - Realty Income (O) addition - building my ROTH

It almost makes no sense writing about this stock. It is one of my favorite REIT stocks and it will stay my favorite stock as long as it continues paying monthly dividends and raising them regularly. Realty income makes money by buying properties and renting them. Their income is from rentals unlike mREITs which are Continue reading →