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Posted by Martin February 24, 2016

New dividend stock purchase – Valero (VLO)

I was trailing this stock down since I put it on my radar to purchase. In this post you can review the entire process of using this trailing strategy. And on February 22nd I purchased 17 shares of Valero (VLO) stock. I like the stock and its data.     Two days ago, my price Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 26, 2016

Dividend Investor: How to track a dividend growth portfolio

  Finally, I was able to finish my DGI (dividend growth investment) portfolio tracker in Google spreadsheet. There are many other fellow investors out there who use Excel or Google Spreadsheet to track their portfolios and when I browsed the internet to find inspiration and knowledge on how to automate my portfolio tracker so I Continue reading →

Is my struggling finally over?

Is my struggling finally over?

If you had a chance to read my “Curious history of a sucker” you know that I started investing back in 1996 and took many endeavors in losing money. I shrank my $30,000 dollars account to $4,000 in commodities trading, I lost another circa $15,000 in stock trading. But at that time I didn’t care Continue reading →

Happy Thanksgiving Day – buying free with Motif Investing

If you happened to open an account with Motif Investing you probably received an appreciation letter these days from the management offering free trading and Motif rebalancing for your account on Black Friday. It is a very nice incentive from the company. Although my account is still miniscule I will take advantage of this offer Continue reading →

Kinder Morgan suffers a large price drop, should you be worried?

Kinder Morgan suffers a large price drop, should you be worried?

If you are watching your Kinder Morgan partnership stock carefully (and that is the same with KMI or KMR) you may have noticed that KMP suffered a large drop recently. KMI even dropped almost 6% last week. Should you be worried and dump the stocks? No, that would be a bad move. First answer yourself Continue reading →

Realty Income declares its 73rd dividend increase, so why the stock fell?

    We are pleased that our Board of Directors have once again determined that we are able to increase the amount of the monthly dividend we pay to our shareholders. With the payment of the October dividend, we will have made 519 consecutive monthly dividend payments and paid over $2.6 billion in dividends throughout Continue reading →

New trade – Realty Income (O) addition – a new dividend built-up layer

New trade - Realty Income (O) addition - a new dividend built-up layer

I was tracking Realty Income on its way down for some time (and hopefully we are on the bottom, if not it doesn’t matter to me much) wondering why investors are dumping this great dividend paying stock. It has paid the dividend for 19 years, and increased the dividends for 15 consecutive years. The company Continue reading →

Great dividend stocks offering a good entry point

Great dividend stocks offering a good entry point

As stocks are on the verge of fall there are now stocks which are providing yet another great entry point in my opinion. Since I started investing into dividend growth stocks last year I love to see stocks of my interest falling down. They still pay the same dividend payout or even increased their dividend Continue reading →

New trade – Legacy Reserves Lp (LGCY)

New trade - Legacy Reserves Lp (LGCY)

Are you looking for a stock to buy? I am too! I had cash available in my TD account to invest and I wanted a stock which has a solid dividend growth and nice yield. Since I started my portfolio accumulation unlike some of my fellow investors (for example Dividend Mantra, who started very early Continue reading →

Trade adjustment – Kinder Morgan Partnership (KMP) addition

Trade adjustment – Kinder Morgan Partnership (KMP) addition

Recently I was piling cash in my TD account waiting for an opportunity to buy dividend paying stocks. It wasn’t and it still isn’t easy to find a good dividend stock which would be priced at a value I would be willing to pay. I saw many great stocks seeing running up and I was Continue reading →