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New Trades, rollovers and adjustments (TASR, GG, CG,), speeding to early retirement

New Trades, rollovers and adjustments (TASR, GG, CG,), speeding to early retirement

As April is heading towards the end I decided to report the trades I made recently which I have failed to report due to my busy schedule at work. If you follow my blog, you may remember my desire to change the purpose of my accounts to different strategies. Thus my TD account is now Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 23, 2014

What if it was you – communists are comming, banning and confiscating your profits

Imagine a situation like this: you work hard, sacrifice when you are young, learn a lot, invest a lot and take an enormous risk at the stock market. But because of a big effort, learning, striving, sacrificing your time, money, and life, you succeed and make it up high. There are stories of successful people Continue reading →

The Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar Wall Street Ballers

  For some people this is an example of greed and all bad in America. For some it is a dream and a goal to strive for. Which side are you personally standing for?

Last week trading – is the outlook for April still bright?

A week ago trading was about trend continuation. At least I saw it that way and I could see markets breaking thru marking this bull trend as intact. The entire last week markets were confirming my assumptions and all my accounts were growing. It was a filthy grow and I made quite nice cash. Well, Continue reading →

New Trade – Taser Int. (TASR) put selling

As soon as I closed my GME trade I opened a new trade against TASR. I wanted to open a trade still with April expiration, but I wasn’t able to find one which would bring me enough in premiums and be within my margin maintenance requirements. Well, my account is still small to trade freely Continue reading →

Trade exit – Gamestop (GME) put selling buyback (2.29% profit)

At the beginning of March, on March 13 to be exact, I sold a put contract against GameStop (GME) with 34 strike and April expiration. You can read a previous post about this trade in this location. Today the contract became worthless and I could buy it back for 5 dollars a contract without paying Continue reading →

March 2014 review

Markets regained the upward trend momentum as it confirmed its trend continuation last Friday. What does that mean? It is simple, the trend will continue and it will make sense to be buying any dips should they occur. In this post I would like to review my view of the market in the past and Continue reading →